Seeing our region’s enormous potential, we chose to concentrate on coconut goods and all of their derivatives, and to finally bring these commodities into the next level. We exist to increase the demand for the quality of coconut products at reasonable prices for farmers and presents the entire world. We are strongly believe, with the increased demand and empowerment support from us, the welfare of local farmers will increase and improving, along with the quality of their products.

coconut pohon-kelapa

Our Teams


Irpan Saepul Bahri

Founder of arecalandcoco.com

"Jadilah orang yang bermartabat, jujur dan selalu menyampaikan kebenaran."


Syariff Hidayatullah

Co-Founder of arecalandcoco.com

"Buatlah tujuan untuk hidup, kemudian gunakan segenap kekuatan untuk mencapainya, kamu pasti berhasil."

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